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[US Jobs Vacancies] P&G careers: 8 Vacancies

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Job Description

Did you know P&G products are enjoyed over 4 billion times a day in over 180
countries, making us perhaps the two most successful letters on the planet? With
the strongest portfolio of trusted, quality, leadership brands.

At P&G, we continually aim to attract, recruit, reward, and advance the finest
people in the world. P&G people get involved with their workplace, their
community, their planet, people in need, and each other. So if youre looking for
a company whose actions reflect its principles and values and whose people
continually expect, contribute, and do more, P&G is a very exciting choice.
P&G careers
By beginning your career at P&G, youll enjoy:

Leadership & Responsibility from Day 1
Challenging & Innovative Work Every Day
The Best Training & Career Development
Opportunities to Customize Your Career
Global Leadership with a Social Conscience

As a build from within organization, P&Gsees 95% of people start at an entry
level and then progress and prosper throughout the organization. This not only
creates many wonderful opportunities to grow and advance, it creates a special
camaraderie among fellow P&Gers, many of whom came up through the ranks
P&G offers the opportunityto get your career off to a fast start. Thats why they
dont have any rotational development programs or gradual ramping-up periods.
From day one, youll help develop or support exciting brands you know while
working on projects that have a direct impact on our global, $76.7 billion
P&Goperates under the belief that everyones desk is a help desk. This means
youll work with truly brilliant innovators who are not only tops in their field
theyre approachable, friendly, and happy to take the time to mentor, teach, and
pass on their experience.
How to apply toP&G Jobs
Click on this link, then select South Africa , search and apply for jobs

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