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[Kaskus Lounge] A Gagaga Magician’s Best Friends [Yu-Gi-Oh!]

Kaskus Lounge has posted a new item, 'A Gagaga Magician's Best Friends

Written by: Michael Kohanim Gagaga Magician has never been this tough to
destroy. Two new Gagaga support cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Zexal Collection will
give your Gagaga Deck the resilience it needs to help you compete with even the
toughest opponents.
Gagagashield is the first of the 2 new Gagaga support cards you can get in the
new Zexal Collection mini-tin. Gagagashield is a Trap Card that you can activate
to protect your Spellcaster from destruction. Once activated, Gagagashield
equips to your Spellcaster. Then, twice per turn, the monster that its equipped
to cant be destroyed by battle or by card effects. Defend Gagaga Magician or
Gagaga Girl with Gagagashield, and you can Summon the other next turn for an Xyz
Summon combo.Even though Gagagashield is a Gagaga card, it can be equipped to
any Spellcaster. That means you can use it to protect your favorite classic
monsters, including Dark Magician, Gravekeepers Assailant, and Chaos Sorcerer,
from popular cards like Dark Hole and Mirror Force. You can even use it with the
new Prophecy monsters, protecting High Priestess of Prophecy so she can use her
effect every turn. Use Secret Village of the Spellcasters while your Spellcaster
is protected by Gagagashield, and your opponent will have an even tougher time
trying to destroy your Spellcaster, since he wont be able to activate any Spell
Cards.The tradeoff for the awesome Xyz Summons that Gagaga monsters let you do
is that their ATK and DEF isnt as high as other low-Level monsters. But dont
worry, if your opponent destroys one of your Gagaga monsters in battle, you can
bring your Gagaga back with Gagagaback!
Its no secret that Gagaga Decks thrive on Xyz Summons; but in order to perform
an Xyz Summon, youll need to have at least 2 monsters on the field at the same
time. Gagagaback lets you get back at your opponent after he destroys your
monsters in battle.Gagagaback is a Quick-Play Spell Card, so it can be activated
on either players turn; but you can only activate it if one of your Gagaga
monsters was destroyed by battle during the turn you activate it. After its
activated, Gagagaback lets you Special Summon all of the monsters in your
Graveyard that were destroyed in battle during the turn you activated
Gagagaback. In the recoil, Gagagaback deals 600 damage to you for each monster
you Special Summon; but thats a small price to pay to recover your entire field
and retaliate.Note that Gagagaback brings back all of your monsters that are
destroyed in battle during a single turn not just Gagaga monsters. This lets
you set up a cool combo with Mystic Tomato.If your opponent has a monster on the
field with at least 1500 ATK, you can Summon Mystic Tomato and attack into your
opponents monster. Your Mystic Tomato will be destroyed in battle, and its
effect will let you Special Summon a DARK monster with 1500 ATK or less from
your Deck, including another Mystic Tomato or a Gagaga Magician. Special Summon
another Mystic Tomato, and attack your opponents monster again to activate your
Tomatos effect. Keep Special Summoning Mystic Tomatoes from your Deck until your
last one is Special Summoned to the field.Next, attack your opponents monster
with your last Mystic Tomato, and use its effect to Special Summon Gagaga
Magician from your Deck. Finally, attack your opponents monster with Gagaga
Magician, causing your Magician to be destroyed in battle.Once this combo is
performed, youll be able to activate Gagagaback to Special Summon your Gagaga
Magician and all of your Mystic Tomatoes from your Graveyard. Youll be all set
to perform some powerful Rank 4 Xyz Summons.If youre Feelin the Flow, you can
build a Gagaga Deck just like Yumas! Show off your determination and fighting
spirit with Gagagashield and Gagagaback!~ ~
source : KONAMI

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