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Kaskus Marketplace has posted a new item, '?:?:?:?:? Jasa Pembuatan Artikel
100%Unique,100%Readable | Murah Banget ?:?:?:?:?'

Agan seorang Blogger, Internet Marketer yang membutuhkan artikel unik dan
berkualitas? Kalo iya, pas banget agan nemuin thread ane nih . Ane membuka jasa
pembuatan artikel yang pasti 100% Unique, 100% Readable, dan tentunya murah
meriah gan
Contoh Artikel

Quote:WWE for Xbox Review

There have been countless releases for wrestling games over the years ranging
from NES titles to the newest Xbox and PS3 consoles, but many fans have noticed
a significant lull in current games. With the newest WWE '13, players now have
an enjoyable and action-packed product that offers new characters, gameplay
styles, features, and more. This WWE review will help both new and advanced
players understand some of the unique changes to this game that are sure to
provide hours of entertainment.

There are only a handful of variables that game creators can rely on in order to
make their wrestling title as exciting as possible. With a lack of levels and
virtually no storyline to speak of, they must rely on exciting gameplay, crisp
graphics, and balanced tactics between characters. With The newest WWE for Xbox,
each of these features has been brought to the table once again. This all begins
with brutal single player and multiplayer matches.

Nearly every title in this genre utilizes exciting entrances for the wrestlers,
but WWE '13 has taken it to a whole new level. Authentic entrance theatrics,
pyrotechnics, and well-known announcers set the stage for each exciting matchup.
Every single entrance is unique depending on the character and location, but
players also have the option to opt out of these walk-outs when they are ready
to jump into the action. Once the fight has begun, the simplistic controls allow
any player to feel as if they are having a major impact on how action is
progressing. Just a handful of buttons allow for everything from combination
attacks to special maneuvers. As the match plays out, the lineup of attacks
seems extremely fluid, one huge advantage over many of the previous WWE and WWF

"Spectacular Moments" further add to the intensity of each match and are just
rare enough to make them exciting to watch through to the end. From smashing
wrestlers through tables to tossing them into the crowd, these finishing moves
and devastating attacks are some of the most exciting moments that players will
have. Players will still require quick reflexes to reverse and block their
opponents, but even beginners will enjoy a match with a seasoned opponent.

Within this WWE Review, re-playability is what sets the game apart from the
competition. Players will find themselves coming back time and time again with
custom wrestlers, unique storylines, online play, Pay-Per-View matches, tag-team
fights, season mode, new stadiums, and more.


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1. Agan rewrite/spin artikel nya?
- saya tidak rewrtie artikel yang agan atau saya buat tetapi yang saya lakukan
yaitu meng-encode artikel tersebut.

2. Apa itu encode gan ?
- Jadi saya mengkoding ulang artikel tersebut sehingga artikel tersebut menjadi
100% unik dan bagus di mata Google.

3. Kalo gitu artikel nya sama dong dengan sumbernya?
- Ya benar gan,tapi saya jamin artikel tsb menjadi unik dan 100% Lolos
Copysacpe. ntar bisa agan langsung cek

4. Artikel apa saja yang bisa agan kerjakan?
- Saya bisa kerjakan artikel apapun kecuali niche porn,gambling,casion,dan
sejenisnya. Dan HANYA bahasa Inggris

5. Sumber Artikel boleh dari mana saja kan gan?
- Ya boleh gan, kecuali ezinearticles.com

6. Kalo agan yang buatin artikelnya aja dan saya yang tentukan niche bisa kan?
- Bisa banget gan, gak masalah kok

7. Berapa Lama Pengerjannya gan?
- Saya usahakan 1 hari kelar gan. Saya berikan yang terbaik buat kaskuser

8. Gan kok murah sih ?
- ya gan, ane kasih harga terbaik buat kaskuser

9. Ada garansi gak gan?
- ada gan saya akan merevisi artikel" tsb sampai lolos opyscape

10. Ada diskon gan?
- ada gan kalo agan ambil paket bulanan. Harga jauh lebih murah,hehehe

11. Gan,ane minta free review dong?
- Boleh gan,ane menyediakan FR untuk 5 kaskuser pertama yang request FR. Dan
masing2 kaskuser mendapatkan 2 artikel gratis. Tapi harus kasih bukti review
artikel dan dengan bukti gambar lolos copyscape ya

12. Gak percaya dengan ane?
- cekidot testi ane gan

13. Pembayaran via mana gan?
- Bisa lewat BCA, BRI, dan Mandiri gan

14. Contact Person agan mana?
- Agan bisa hub ane melalui SMS 0857--1626--5154
Email : writerquickly@gmail.com

Kalo agan ada masalah/pertanyaan terkait dengan jasa artikel ane jangan sungkan
untuk kontak ane langsung gan

Harga Paket Artikel


- 10 artikel | Niche Bebas (Mix 2 niche berbeda) | Free Min. Words | Rp
50.000Hanya Rp 5000/artikel


- 20 artikel | Niche Bebas (Mix 3 niche berbeda) | Free Min. Words | Rp.
90.000Hanya Rp 4500/artikel


- 30 artikel | Niche Bebas (Mix 5 niche berbeda) | Free Min.Words | Rp
120.000Hanya Rp 4000/artikel



- 90 Artikel | Dikirim 3 artikel/hari | (Mix 8 niche berbeda) | Free Min.Words |
Rp 300.000/bulanHanya Rp 3300/artikel


- 120 Artikel | Dikirim 4 artikel/hari | Mix 10 niche berbeda) | Free Min Words
| Rp 360.000/bulanHanya Rp 3000/artikel


- 150 Artikel | Dikrim 5 Artikel/hari | Mix 14 niche berbeda) | Free Min Words |
Rp 420.000/bulanHanya Rp 2800/artikel


1. Agan kirim detail artikel seperti apa yang agan inginkan ke email :
Dengan Format :
Nama : Budi
ID kaskus : budibelekan
Email : budibelekan@gmail.com
No telp yang bisa dihubungi : 00000000
Paket Artikel : Monthly 1
Niche : technology,mobile,business,health,SEO,furniture,real estate,finance

Setelah agan kirim order, agan tinggal tunggu artikelnya jadi dan saya kirim ke
email agan


So now dont wait at all just buy from me with satisfaction guarantee. If you
need to know anything else please feel free to ask

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