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[Toy] VIDEO: "Pok�mon X" and "Pok�mon Y" Clip Takes a Trip to the Gym

Toy has posted a new item, 'VIDEO: "Pok�mon X" and "Pok�mon Y" Clip Takes a Trip
to the Gym'

Pokmon X and Pokmon Y are set to hit Nintendo 3DS on October 12, bringing with
'em a bunch of updates to the classic formula. After you and your group of
friendspictured below the videoembark on your individual journeys, you'll
eventually run into your first Gym Leader, Viola. See some footage of her
webbed-up gym and more below.

Your friends include the energetic Shauna, who embarks to see her own dream to
fruition; the dancer Tierno, a strong and kind boy who is light on his feet, and
is easily distracted as he attempts to work the moves of battling Pokmon into
his dances; and the studious and competitive Trevor, who wants to be the first
of the group to fill out his Pokdex.

There's also a character that differs depending on whether you're playing as a
boy or a girl. Serena or Calem, both pictured in the screens below, lives next
door in the starting area of Vaniville Town, and shares your character's dream
of becoming a powerful Pokmon trainer.

Via Siliconera

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