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[Toy] Roy's Amazing BATMAN COSPLAY COSTUMES From Australia!!

Toy has posted a new item, 'Roy's Amazing BATMAN COSPLAY COSTUMES From

POW! Check out these totally insane BATMAN Costumes created by a Cosplay Guy in
Australia named Roy. Yes, he's from that magical "Land Down Under" and it's so
cool that the Batman character is not only very well known there but also very
Now, about the costumes. The 1st photo shows a Silver Age 1970's version of
Batman inspired by the artwork of Neal Adams. This is a favorite era of mine
because, I guess, it was my early childhood and my main introduction to the
comic books. Also, Neal Adams' artwork from that time period is great stuff.
I've always loved the Blue & Yellow Bat-Suit!

Next, we move up in time a decade or so to a Costume inspired by the classic DC
Comics Graphic Novel, "Gotham By Gaslight". For the few Bat-Fans unfamiliar with
this version, this was the first story in a new line of "Elseworlds" books.
Basically, they did stories which do not exist inside regular character
continuity. In other words, they're "made-up stories" that ask questions sort of
like "What if... Superman's Rocket from Krypton had landed in Russia instead of
America?". Well, this book was very Steampunk-inspired and asked the question,
"What if Bruce Wayne had lived in 1889 instead of a more modern-day era?"It's
really cool, kind of reminds me of Sherlock Holmes a little bit, that time in
Seriously, if you have not read it yet you should, it's great! But either way,
Roy's cosplay on this theme is very excellent & very well done.
Then, last but not least, is a photo of him and a friend dressed up as BATMAN
AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER from the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series or, the Adam
West & Burt Ward versions!! These TV Show Costumes are really really great too
and, because of the format in size, I made this photo a WALLPAPER BACKGROUND
that YOU can use to brighten your desktop, ZAP!
A Special Thank You goes out to our friend Roy for sharing these ultra-fun pics,
Thanks Good Sir!

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