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[Toy] Bot Shots Shockwave of the Jump Shot Variety

Toy has posted a new item, 'Bot Shots Shockwave of the Jump Shot Variety'

Old Shockwave here is part of the Bot Shots line, but in an interesting and
exciting twist, Hasbro have mixed up the Bot Shots a little with different jumpy
gimmicks!!This is the Jump Shot, which has the toy jump up in the air as it
transforms. The other two are Spin shot and Flip Shot. As yet to get one of
those two. Anyway, enjoy the piccies and video after the jump link.My Original
plan was to use these pics in the video, but I ended up skipping them. Oh Well.
The video has his body as blue for some reason. My old camera has some issues
with shades of purple at times and so does my new on. Anyway, the video has the
bumper and wheels as the right colour, but his body is actually a darker shade.
The bottom 5 photos have the correct colour representation.

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