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[Gaun - http://gaun.web.id] My First Impression of ‘Athena: Goddess of War’

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After waiting a long time, SBSs spy-action drama Athena: Goddess of War aired
its pilot episode last night (December 13). As we expected from the IRIS
spin-off, we would be impressed by its action scenes even in the first episode.
The last nights episode reportedly recorded an impressive rating with 22.8%. The
number was a few point lower than the original, IRIS, which hit a 24.5% for its
first episode. However, that number was quite good for enter the drama
Since its the spin-off, people would naturally make a comparison with the
original. And for me IRIS is still better! The first episode of IRIS had
directly hooked me up, espesially with Lee Byung Huns acting skill and charisma,
the show became more perfect!
Somehow I dont feel like that when I watched the first episode of Athena last
night. I just feel it just shows up its star-studded cast and has no focus to
one character like IRIS did with Kim Hyun Joon character. But, Im still curious
and looking forward about the story development of this drama, so Ill keep put
high expectation for it!
Originally posted 2010-12-14 09:47:13.
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