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The Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth headphones are one of the few sets of headphones
that take simplicity to heart. Branded by Monster, these headphones work
beautifully wirelessly. These Nokia headphones have near-field communication
technology, so if they are within a few feet of your music player, you can
experience quality audio. The headphones' design features operating keys for
answering and ending calls and controlling your music.
The Purity Pro headphones have a standard frequency response, ranging from 20Hz
to 20kHz. This means these headphones let you experience professional studio
sound. If you listen to a bass-heavy song with the volume turned up high, you
will hear a slight distortion when the bass hits, but this shouldn't be a
problem because the volume has to be higher than is safe for human ears. The
over-ear design and soft cushions help filter out ambient noise, letting you
focus on your tunes while shutting out any distractions.
The way you turn these headphones and their Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on
is what sets the Purity Pro apart from other headphones. Unfolding the earphones
turns the headphones and ANC on, which helps to conserve the battery life. Many
headphones use ANC even on standby, which can quickly drain the battery life.
The Purity Pro headphones turn this feature and the device off when you fold up
the earphones. The only problem is that if you forget to fold the headphones up,
the device will remain on.
The Purity Pro headphones will function for almost 24 hours on one battery
charge, and that is with continuous listening. If you use the headphones to talk
on the phone, you will get a little less than 10 hours of battery life. You can
continue to listen to music and use the Purity Pros while you charge them. You
will also find buttons on the sides that control the volume, answer and end
calls, and skip songs. These Bluetooth stereo headphones are made of a
polycarbonate plastic, making them long lasting and durable. They also come with
a carrying case.
One problem we did notice is that some devices, phones and MP3 players, have
difficulty pairing with the headphones. During our tests, some devices didn't
pair or took several attempts. We did learn that some devices that wouldn't pair
with these headphones use older Bluetooth technologies, which can be
incompatible. Ask Nokia to make sure your device will work with the Purity Pro
headphones before you purchase them.
You will find that Nokia offers quite a bit of information on its website
regarding the Purity Pro headset. You can search through the FAQs and request
help by email or phone, but since it is a large international company, you can
experience longer-than-average wait times when you call.

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